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BLACK BELT TV | THE MARTIAL ARTS NETWORK is a television channel dedicated to providing fun and action-packed Martial Arts Programming that attracts Martial Practitioners & Enthusiasts, Health & Fitness – minded individuals as well people who wish to enhance their lifestyle through Martial Arts.


BLACK BELT TV takes pride in mentioning that it has a wide variety of viewers. People of all age groups from around the globe tune in to watch the best of Martial Arts Action Television worldwide. From young to old, men to women, our viewers take advantage of the wide variety of martial art programming that we offer. We aim to satisfy viewers belonging to any demographic group by providing superb entertainment and educational Martial Arts Programming available. If you’re an early bird, then then take advantage of our early morning workout sessions. If you’re more into sports, then watch Mixed Martial Arts (M.M.A.) on “BLACK BELT TV’S Fight Night”. Viewers that enjoy the classic Martial Art movies can watch “BLACK BELT TV Cinema Classics”. Also get a wide variety of Martial Arts training by watching “BLACK BELT TV’S School of Martial Arts”. If you’re concerned about nutrition. You can get get all the nutritional facts needed to enjoy a richer and more healthier lifestyle by watching Power Nutrition.


The concept is based upon the growing popularity and participation in Martial Arts. We’ve create television programming that targets demographics highly desired by advertisers focused on all income level individuals and families. Women and children of all ages enjoy the benefits of our action-packed Martial Arts Programming as well as the powerful positive message that BELT BELT TV  brings to the community.